Wetsuit© Coatings.

Wetsuit Warm Roof Systems
Our WetSuit® System consists of a range of environmentally friendly solutions used throughout the building envelope that meet specific roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier requirements. All of our fluid applied, seamless membranes are water based, cold applied, have no VOC’s, are Class A fire rated, and have self-extinguishing capabilities. It can be sprayed to any mil thickness in a single pass thus creating a truly custom and precise membrane allowing unparalleled architectural freedom and ease of application.

Performance Benefits:

  • Has NO solvents in product, therefore has NO VOC’s
  • Cures within 5/10 seconds, making it waterproof against rain immediately.
  • Goes directly over most substrates after water blasting clean.
  • Designed to have constant ponding, therefore if falls are insufficient this is not an issue for the product
  • Is seamless. No laps, no joins
  • Can be patched/repaired and remain seamless.
  • Fire resistant
  • UV stable with tests completed for New Zealand’s conditions
  • Able to be elongated to 360% of its finished size, has a memory, plus withstands sudden impact.
  • Can go directly over an existing roof.
  • Cost effective.
  • Application once detail work is completed is applied at a minimum rate of 250/300m2 per day
  • Once fully cured can be painted with any colour elastomeric paint.
  • Can be used as the membrane for a paving system over the top
  • Can be used as the roofing, deck or podium membrane for Green Roof & Warm roof Applications
  • Has a product warranty of 5/15 years, depending on the type of application and workmanship warranty by the applicator of 5 years
  • Has very a strict quality control criterion, including photos and moisture content reading before, during and after application


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