Sheet Foam.

Polyurethane Sheet Foam.
Sheet rigid polyurethane foam has high thermal resistance properties, making it ideal for use in building insulation. Ideal for both heating and cooling. PUR foam sheet can be laminated in between linings, fibre glassed over to create a hard, durable thermal resistant panel or simply cut to size and fitted where required.

Characteristics and Performance Benefits:

  • Stable thermal performance
  • R-value = 4 at 100mm
  • Good sound control
  • Maintains an air seal even after seasonal expansion / contraction of building assembly
  • Less than 1% water absorption
  • Supports indoor air quality by blocking air infiltration and mass transfer of moisture that may cause mould
  • Closed cell semi rigid structure
  • Medium density 2 lb
  • Dimensions: 1200x2400 x 10mm up to 600mm
  • Will not harm coatings on electrical wiring,  plumbing or other building components
  • Low global warming potential.