With prizes provided by…

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With prizes provided by…

and more!

Here at NZ Foam we are genuinely passionate about our industry-leading foam insulation. So passionate in fact, that we created our very own mascot to help us share our story of making New Zealand homes and buildings ‘Warmer Forever™’.

We love our new mascot, he’s friendly, honest and hard-working like our team. He’s also warm, cool, efficient, durable, enduringly reliable and orange, just like our product.

We think he’s just about perfect. Although… he doesn’t have a name yet. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite local Christchurch businesses to put together some awesome prize packages and help get our community’s creative juices flowing. 

Have you got a great name for our new mascot? If so, complete the entry form above and you could be in to win BIG TIME!  

Why is he, a 'he'?

Originally, we had thought we wouldn’t assign our mascot with a gender; but when the daughter of our designer saw the pictures she said, “he’s so cool!”

When we asked why she thought it was a he, she replied, “because he’s BIG like my Daddy!” Let’s just say it has stuck since then. 

Take a look at how our spray foam insulation works, it may inspire an entry!



Shiny New Heat Supply!

Up for grabs: Supply & Install of a new Heat Pump

“Staying warm through winter and cool in summer is more than just a hobby of mine, it’s a way of life.

My generous buddiess at Snow Temp have hooked us up with an amazing heatpump supply and install package to see you through this coming winter and beyond. Of course you’d be even more better off if you had me hanging out in your walls, ceilings and floors, as well!”

A Feast of the Best Pizza in Town!

Up for grabs: $50 Vouchers

“When it comes to pizza, pasta and good times with good friends, Winnie Bagoes is one of my favourites! For over 10 years they’ve been serving up the goods in Ferrymead and we’ve got some vouchers with your name on it… now I just need a name…”


Hanging Out with Wild Animals!

Up for grabs: Family Passes ($78.50 rrp)

“Orana Wildlife Park is an awesome organisation who genuinely care about the animals they care for. O is for Orangutan, T is for Tiger, M is for Meerkat… What does my name start with?”

Stunning Locally-made Jewellery!

Up for grabs: Mens Ring & Womens Earring Packages ($240 rrp)

“I love things that sparkle and so does the team at Storm Baker. Wouldn’t you or your loved one want to look as gosh darn fabulous as me in some lovely new bling bling?”

Hanging Out… from the ceiling!

Up for grabs: Free Passes and 2-for-1 Entries 

“Even though I’m a big boi, I still love climbing – I climb all over and through buildings to make sure they are perfectly insulated and warmer forever. If you enjoy climing yourself then you’ll love the Clip ‘n Climb experience, harness in and away you go!”

A Feast on the Best Fried Chicken in Town!

Up for grabs: $50 Vouchers

“Fried chicken makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside; just like how I make homes feel when I’m installed as the insulation! It’s no secret that Monster Chicken is Christchurch’s BEST place for Fried Chicken, so I’m going to share it with you!”

A Shopping Spree at NZ’s online Gift Wonderland!

Up for grabs: $50 Vouchers

“Even though I quite like warm socks, there are certainly more imaginative ideas for gifts and Not Socks Gifts are some of the best in class when it comes to bringing kiwis an awesome gift giving experience. Once you’ve got me installed in your home, you won’t need to wear socks anyway!”

A Chance to Get your ride up to shape!

Up for grabs: $200 Voucher

“The friendly team at NZ Foam and I don’t just service Christchurch, we get all around New Zealand and love being on the move. The good folks at Eastside Auto have a $200 voucher up for grabs for your next checkup or service to make sure you’re as safe on the move as we are.”

Sweet Swag and a Show!

Up for grabs: Kaiser Brothers Beanies, and tickets to the Court Theatre with refreshments provided 😉

“If you can’t tell already by my svelte figure, I enjoy a good brew – especially when it’s local! My friends at Kaiser Brothers Brewery have hooked us up with some beanies to keep our heads warm when we can’t be inside this winter, and some tickets & refreshments at The Court Theatre.”

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