Choose foam for performance.

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Heat loss is expensive. Preventing heat loss in your home is what we do. Spray foam insulation is the most effective and efficient insulation in the market. It is safe, environmentally sound, non-allergenic, and dust and fibre free. And most importantly, saves you money by stopping heat loss.

This means warmer, dryer homes – forever

Warmer Forever.™

Foam insulation is used in Antarctic buildings and spacecraft. It is now fast becoming the preferred method of insulation in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.


Want to know the facts and figures behind how spray foam is superior to all other insulation products? Check out some of our completed projects that we’ve tracked below!

Fast Facts About Foam Insulation

Foam is the best-performing thermal insulation on the market

Foam insulation can save you up to 40% on energy costs

Foam insulation is suitable for application to ceilings, in walls and under floors

Foam insulation is used to insulate spacecraft, and buildings in Antarctica - it's that good!

Our foam insulation is made of 20% recycled content

Foam insulation even blocks out unwanted noise

Foam insulation creates a warmer, healthier home

Foam insulation performs for the lifetime of your home

Foam insulation will never move or sag in your walls

Foam insulation is completely odourless

Foam insulation is already the preferred material in Canada, USA and Europe

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